About Us

After returning to Central Oregon from New York state, Casey and Tiffanie Berman, Central Oregon natives, found Bend to be lacking in affordable quality meats and decided to open The Meat Locker to fill the missing niche.

A family owned and operated meat market.  A  place to buy amazing handcrafted and smoked meats without spending your whole paycheck.  Where you can pick up a freezer box of meat for the week and a little something extra for a dinner party while you're there.

Casey brings a vast knowledge of sausage making and butchering learned from his father (a butcher for over 50 years), as well as technical efficiency honed over several years in the profession.

Casey started Central Oregon Butcher Boys with his father and brother in Prineville over ten years ago.  Turning a dilapidated slaughterhouse originally built in the 1930's into Central Oregon's premiere USDA inspected slaughterhouse serving local ranches and the community. He then went on to become a Consumer Safety Inspector with the USDA FSIS working in the nation's and Northwest's leading ready to eat producers and slaughterhouses, affording him a unique position of seeing all aspects of meat processing.

Together, we proudly serve Bend and all Central Oregon communities with a commitment to excellence in quality and innovation in product selection.

Photo credit: Jennifer Mostek Photography